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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beyond the Book: Blue is Perfect

Today we're taking a peek at the wedding of Rachel Amos and Clint Hayes. It's really funny because Rachel didn't like Clint at all when she first met him, and now they've gotten married.  Rachel found a dress she loved. It was exactly what she was looking for. I think the detail is so beautiful.

Rachel picked a pale, ethereal blue for her bridesmaid dresses. Doesn't it match her dress well?

And I really like her cake.

Here's the scene where Clint asks Rachel to marry him.

Waves of heat washed over Rachel. God must have a dreadful sense of humor. Clint didn’t immediately sit down. Rachel’s heart almost jumped out of her chest when he walked over
to her and kissed her forehead right in front of her parents! They looked very interested but didn’t say anything about it.

“Are you feeling better?” Clint asked as he took his old chair across from Rachel.


“That’s too bad. Maybe you should see the doctor tomorrow. You may need some medicine.”

“I’ll think about it,” Rachel muttered.

Rachel furtively watched as her mother passed the chicken pot pie to Clint. He looked so handsome today. Instead of jeans and a tee shirt he wore a pair of khakis and a pale blue polo shirt that made his eyes seem brighter. The shirt showed off his shoulders and chest to great advantage, but she’d try not to think about that.

Clint made small talk with them until they finished their meal. The whole time Rachel’s heart leaped and thudded at the beloved sound of his voice. He drained his tea glass and reached into his pocket, bringing out a small, blue box.

“What do you have there?” Reverend Amos asked, his eyes alight with anticipation. He reminded Rachel of a curious puppy whose ears had perked up when he saw something interesting.

“Oh, this is something for Rachel.” Clint got up and walked around the table. He stooped down
beside Rachel and took her hand. “ I hope you like it, honey."

Rachel buried her hot face on the table. “Leave me alone, Clint,” she choked.

Clint’s lips quirked. “You aren’t backing out, are you? Your’re going to make me look pretty foolish if you do.”

“Backing out of what?”Cynthia asked.

Clint smiled as sweetly as an angel. “Rachel asked me to marry her, and I’m saying yes. This is her engagement ring.”

Her mother started to giggle. “Did she really ask you to marry her?”

“Yes, ma’m, she sure did."  He gave Rachel’s shoulder a little pat.

Rachel's dress:

Rachel's bridesmaid dress:

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Heare2Watts said...

Elaine, love the pictures, that is a beautiful bridal gown! I love the excerpt for the book too. I have added it to my wish list. Sounds definitely like a must read!