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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beyond the Book: RED?

Welcome to the next post in my Brides series.  Marley Matthews and Rob Travers are my couple of the week.  I told their story in The Table in the Window which is set at Christmas time.  Marley almost lost Rob, so after their reconciliation they wanted to get married as soon as possible.  They decided a Valentine’s Day wedding would be just perfect.

There’s one thing you need to know about Marley.  She loves clothes and has a somewhat offbeat sense of style, so when she decided to get married on Valentine’s Day, she went looking for a red bridal gown. She found something she really liked.  Do you like it?  I didn’t think I would, but I totally love it.  Notice it’s made in the mermaid style, and it’s strapless.  I love the silvery embroidery under the bust and on the skirt.  The skirt has two layers. The top is red, and and the bottom one is white with embroidery. The dress is by Maggie Sottero. 

Since she’s wearing red, Marley decided to let her bridesmaids wear white. This is totally awesome. Sylvia, Marley's bridesmaid, is getting married in August, and she decided to wear this as her wedding gown. Money's always tight with Sylvia.

 And of course we have to have a cake. Marley works at a bakery so she made the cake herself. I love that, and I also love the heart shape.  Did you notice what she wrote on it? Rob loved it so much he grabbed her and kissed her when he saw it.  Rob's had a lot of trouble in his life so a cake means more to him than to most guys.

Here's an excerpt from the book which is available at

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…
Sylvia lived in a high-rise apartment building that looked in need of renovation. Dirt had stained the carpet in the lobby, and the windows needed washing, but Marley imagined the rent wouldn’t be too bad.
“Come in,” Sylvia gushed when she opened the door for Marley. “Make yourself at home.”
Marley hung her coat on a rack near the door as her eyes roamed around the room. “I like your apartment.”
She did like it. Sylvia had splashed exuberant color all over the apartment. The far wall, where the Christmas tree stood, had red and yellow stripes painted on it. All the furniture had been slip covered in blue denim. Trying not to be obvious about it, Marley glanced around the room looking for Rob.
Sylvia giggled. “He’s in the kitchen mixing the punch.” She turned Marley toward a door to their left and gave her a slight push. “Go and help him.”
Marley giggled too. When Sylvia laughed you had to laugh too. “If you insist.”
She heard Rob singing when she opened the door so she finished a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells with him. He grinned and kissed her cheek. “I’ve been waiting on you.”
Marley tried not to grin like an opossum. “Well, here I am.”
“Yep, and don’t you look pretty tonight.”
Marley felt hot blood rush to her face. To distract him she held out her arm and indicated her sweater. “I bought this blue sweater just for you.” The sweater fit her like a glove and looked chic. The fact that it was blue had clinched the deal, even though she knew she should save her money for Christmas presents.
Rob took her hand and pulled her forward. “You look beautiful.” Before she knew what he intended, he placed a gentle kiss on her lips.
Warmth flooded Marley. She leaned into him, and he obliged her with another kiss. He finally pulled away and muttered, “Nice. Very nice.”
Oh, it certainly was. Kissing Michael had always been heavenly, but it hadn’t been like this. This kiss made her knees go weak and her heart pound in her chest.
What could be wrong with her tonight? How could she forget Michael so easily? Confused, she stammered, “We…we’d…better go help with the tree.”

Bridesmaid's dress:

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