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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: A True Gem

Hello, welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. My excerpt today is from Her Kind of Man. I'm proud to say that Her Kind of Man was designated A True Gem by Guilty Pleasures Reviews. To read the review go to

In this excerpt, my hero has taken my heroine to the fair where she gets involved in a skillet toss.

Is it too late to enter the skillet toss?”

“Nope.” The man smiled at Kara. “You look like a lady who knows a thing or two about skillets. Sign right here, ma’am, and pick your skillet.”

Kara’s mouth dropped open.

Her Kind of Man is available at or at  You can also get it at Amazon and most other retail outlets in ebook or print.


Sarah said...

A skillet toss? I'm embarrassed to say that I've never heard of that, but I can easily guess what the concept is. Sounds intriguing! :) Congrats on the True Gem recognition!

Layna Pimentel said...

Congrats on the designation, Elaine.

Skillet tossing actually sounds fun. :)

Intriguing six!

Sandra Sookoo said...

Wow, a skillet toss. Wonder how far she throws? :-)

Patricia Preston said...

I love this. A skillet toss. Darlene would go for that.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the designation! My mouth would drop open too. Very nice six.

Jessica Knauss said...

Congratulations! Looks like they got it right, a gem of a story.

Anonymous said...

Nice 6! Wonder how she'll go? Bet she has fun.