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Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Up With That Last Picture?

I like some fashion eras better than others. Ladies, which one do you like best?  The first dress is from the eighteenth century, and I confess that I love it.  When I first saw it, I wished I had one for myself.

Let's travel forward in time to the nineteenth century. Any Southern belles in the crowd?

This gown is from 1910. I think it's very elegant. From Pinterest.

Fast forward to the 1950's. Frothy. Very frothy. From Pinterest.

The 1960's. Jackie Kennedy wore this dress to her first state dinner.

The 1980's. Velvet and feathers. Very rich and excessive. By Victor Costa

Today. Renato Balestra From Pinterest

Rascal! How did you get in here? You are such a ham. I guess we don't know what our pets do after we turn out the lights.

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Sandy Nachlinger said...

Just beautiful (especially the beauty in the bow tie!) I've seen that fluffy turquoise 1950s dress on a book cover. Wish I could remember the title.
I enjoyed today's post.