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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beyond the Book: Red's My Color

Hello, readers.  My name is Kara Cochrane.  Elaine told my and my husband's story in her book Her Kind of Man.   She got a new review last week, a wonderful review.  The reviewer said, 'The author did a great job of pulling me into the story, emotions and all.'  You can read the whole review at

Elaine said you'd leave a comment for Julie, the reviewer, she'd pick one name on Friday and send that person a free PDF copy of her latest book Never Trust a Pretty Wolf.
Today, I 'd like to share a picture of my red dress with you.  Red is one of my favorite colors because it makes me feel happy.  LOL.  It doesn't hurt that red makes my eyes look bluer and suits my hair and complexion.  Here's the dress.  I just love it. It has a pretty cutout on the back.

Ross insisted that I buy the dress to wear to a party at my sister's house.  I really didn't want to go because at the time Kelly and I weren't getting along too well.  You see she stole my fiance Brandon from me and then married him.  Here's an excerpt to tell you about that party.

By the time Ross finished the afternoon milking, the temperature had fallen to several degrees below zero, and the weather report called for snow. Kara had turned up the heat and lit a fire in the living room, but the house still felt chilly. She heard the back door open and shivered as a cold gust of wind blew around her ankles.
“Ross? Come and have some coffee to warm you up.”
Ross washed his hands at the kitchen sink before he kissed her. “It’s bitter cold out there.”
He sat down at the kitchen table and waited for Kara to fix his coffee. She set it in front of him and took a seat beside him. “It’s too cold to go out tonight. Let’s skip Kelly’s party and stay home.”
Ross ignored her as he cradled his hands around the warm cup. “What did you buy to wear?”
“I got a red jersey dress, but didn’t you hear me? It’s too cold to go out.”
Ross hesitated. “If anyone besides Kelly was giving the party I’d agree with you, but, baby, you have to go to this one.”
“But, Ross, I don’t want to go.” She set her coffee on the table with a thump. “Kelly stole her house from me. I don’t want to go there as a guest.”
Ross’s face tightened. “What you don’t want is to see Brandon and Kelly happily married, right?”
Kara recognized a kernel of truth in what he said, but she’d die before she hurt him by admitting to it. “I can’t lie to you. It hurt when she took Brandon, but I’ve got you now. Things are different.”
“How are things different?”
Kara drew circles on the table with her finger and refused to face the emotion flaring in his eyes. “Well, you know. We’re married now. We’re making a life together.”
“Sit on my lap,” he directed as he took her hand and pulled her around the table. “I like the idea of sharing my life with you.”
“Aren’t you afraid your mother will see us cuddling again?” Kara teased.
“No.” And to emphasize his point he kissed her.
Kara rubbed his shoulders. He did have great shoulders. “I haven’t thanked you for what you’re doing to the house.”
“I want it to be nice for you. It may not be what Kelly has, but I want you to be as proud of the house as I am of the cows.”
Kara kissed the side of his face. “I did mean to ask you about something.”
“What, honey?”
She settled herself more firmly against him and nuzzled her face against his. “Don’t you think we should add one more bedroom too? If we had a boy and a girl, we’d need three bedrooms. Then what would you do for an office?”
She felt the muscles in his shoulders and thighs go rigid. “You’re not…?”

Her Kind of Man is available at and most other retail outlets as an ebook or trade paperback.


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