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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashionista Friday: That's Different To Me

Recently, I was preparing a presentation on Muslim culture for my high school students.  While doing my research, I examined some of the clothing worn by Muslim women.  It started me thinking about the differences in fashion around the world.  How do you like this traditional Indian outfit?  This is something a bride might wear.  Here’s a description of the gown from the website: Look ravishing with this yellow saree in net. It has all over kundan & antique work making it very elegant. The border has big stone work motifs and the inside of the saree is full of scattered buttis. This saree also has an unstitched matching blouse which finishes the look of saree.  Find it at 

This next outfit is something a Muslim bride might wear.  Some brides wear a head scarf called a hijab and some don’t.  Those who do are concerned with modesty.  Here’s one who did.  See it at

My next offering is something from Chinese fashion week.  I seriously doubt that most Chinese brides can afford a dress like this, but isn’t it spectacular?  See it at

Lastly, how do you like this couple who live in Ghana?  I saw many different styles when I went looking for some pictures, but these people are real.  I imagine lots of people use outfits like this when they get married.  Read about the wedding at

Sence I lik fashun, I wuz going 2 rite the post, but typin is 2 hrd.

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Makes me want to travel!