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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Still on Sale

Astraea Press is having a sale.  Almost everything in their catalog is on sale for .99.  Yep, 99.  Not much to discover a new favorite author.  Er, why not give me a try?  Only .99.  Here's an excerpt from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf which is an Astraea release.  In this excerpt, my hero and heroine are leaving on a once in a lifetime journey, never expecting that both of their worlds will soon undergo a cataclysmic upheaval that will change them forever. 

He saw the blue Mustang sitting at the red light. When the light changed, Liesel wheeled into the parking lot. The minute she opened the car door, Andy started to do a slow burn. Today she wore jeans and a tight yellow tee shirt that hugged her breasts and looked so good on her his mouth started to water. She had put her hair up as she had done the previous evening. He was sure she knew how it showcased the graceful, feminine curve of her pretty neck.

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Jessica K said...

I can just about see his tongue hanging out like those cartoon wolves. Great characters!

Christine Warner said...

Oh oh, I wonder if he'll be able to manage to speak. lol Sounds like he has it bad! Great 6

Elaine cantrell said...

Thank you, Jessica and Christine. Yes, Andy's got it baffle her.

Elaine cantrell said...

Er, I mean he has it bad for her.