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Friday, December 7, 2012

I Love Christmas Novels

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  If you're a regular reader you know that I always participate in Sweet Saturday Sample, but we're taking a break and won't resume until January.  At least, most of us are taking a break.  I'm putting up a sample anyway.  Today's post is from one of my Christmas novels The Best Selling Toy Of The Season.  In this excerpt, my heroine is having her first experience shopping at an upscale boutique.  She's a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks who's engaged to a lawyer from exactly the right side of the tracks.  The book is available at and at most retail outlets.

“Good morning, Wanda. This is my friend, Nikki Lane. We’re both looking for something to wear to a dinner dance. What do you have to show us?”

Wanda sized Nikki up in a few seconds flat and deemed he unworthy of help. She bustled away and returned with another clerk.  “This is Tina,” she told Nikki. “She’ll be working with you, ma’am,”

“That’s fine,” Nikki agreed. She didn’t want that snooty Wanda helping her. Who did she think she was to look down her nose a customer?

Tina led Nikki into a large dressing room mirrored on every wall.  She saw several comfortable chairs scattered around the room and wondered why they needed them.  Who wanted to try on clothes with other people watching?

Tina had an idea what she wanted Nikki to try. She brought a claret red gown for Nikki to look at. “This would be perfect with your coloring. Would you like to try it, or would you prefer to look at
something else?”

Nikki had never seen such a beautiful dress, and she wanted to see how it would look on her. “I’ll try it,” she said.

She removed her clothes and wished that Tina would go away and leave her in private. Shamefully, her bra didn’t match her panties, and her panties had a huge Clorox stain. 

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