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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nothing Like a Good Defense

Today's excerpt is from my current WIP.  In this excerpt, my heroine's husband is in Afghanistan, and his people have invited her to come to dinner on Christmas Eve.  Sheila is the heroine's mother-in-law.  Riley is her child.

She had never liked Jack’s cousin Miranda and still didn't. Miranda wore a beautiful red sweater that set off her dark hair and made her look like a picture from a magazine.  She looked Anna up and down before smirking at her overalls.  “You’ll need something a little sexier when Jack comes home, Anna, and you might consider gaining a little weight.  You aren’t anorexic are you?”

“Miranda, leave her alone,” Sheila scolded.  “She has Riley to take care of.  She can’t be worried about her clothes or how she looks.”

Rascal is sharing another excerpt if you'll scroll down. 

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