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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Wedding Cake Woes

This excerpt comes from my Christmas story It All Started With Cinders Malone's Dress.  This story was part of an anthology, but the anthology isn't available now.  Leave me a comment and say so if you're interested in reading the story.  In this excerpt my heroine who's getting married in a few hours gets some bad news about her wedding cake from her father.

"Her grandson let the dog into her house, and by the time she found it, it had eaten one whole layer and licked the frosting off the rest of the cake." He pursed his lips. "It’s a big dog. A Great Dane. I wonder if she could kind of wipe the good layers off and re-frost the cake."

Violet and Beth made such an outcry Fred jumped from his recliner to make his escape.

The picture comes from


FCEtier said...

Sounds like our dogs!
Nice six.

Anonymous said...

Been there! Gotta have a sense of humor and use extreme caution when valuable edible items are around. Funny six. Love it.

Sarah W said...

Refrost the---honestly, MEN. XD

Anonymous said...

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