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Friday, December 28, 2012

Super, Super, Super News

Hi, folks, Marley Matthews here with some great news.  Elaine just signed another contract!  That makes two books scheduled to come out in 2013.  The first contract is for a book called Blue 52 which is best described as action-adventure for women, and the second contract is for The Enchanted, Elaine's first fantasy romance.  Would you like to read an excerpt?  How about one from Blue 52?  Hank is my hero, and Dr. Sinclair is my heroine.  Elaine and the senator are Hank's grandparents.  This excerpt takes place on the morning after a party.

Elaine reached for the coffee pot.  “You stay away from Dr. Sinclair, Hank.  I can see you enjoyed that kiss, but there are plenty of women you can kiss.  Leave her alone.”

“Talk to your friend Millicent,” Hank protested as he passed her the sugar bowl.  “It was all her doing.  I didn’t ask to be involved in that ridiculous stunt.”

“Millicent may have forced you to kiss Dr. Sinclair, but she didn’t make you like it.  You should not have let yourself enjoy it.”

For a brief moment Hank and the senator stared at each other; then they burst into laughter.    

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