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Friday, May 24, 2013

Love Blooms Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Love Blooms Blog Hop. I’m so glad to have you here at my blog. I hope you’ll feel free to look around and enjoy yourself because there’s something here for everyone. On Tuesdays, I do a feature called Beyond the Book. It's narrated by one of my characters who wants to tell what’s going on in his or her life after the book ended. On Friday, I post about fashion, and on Friday and Saturday you can read excerpts from my books. On other days I have guest authors, etc. In today’s hop you can win a $50 Amazon gift card. To enter go to a Rafflecopter giveaway    Now, I’d like to interview my newest hero, Prince Alan from The Enchanted. Prince Alan, it’s very kind of you to come.

Prince Alan: Not at all, Madame Cantrell. My father’s entire kingdom holds you in the highest regard and would do anything for you. The king and queen send you greetings and say to think you for attending the book release party in your honor.

Elaine: It was my pleasure. Readers, the party is over, but if you’ll scroll down to the May 14 entry you can see how the king honored me. You can also read chapter 1 of The Enchanted. Prince Alan, please tell the readers how you met the love of your life Princess Morgane.

Alan: (smiling): This is a subject dear to my heart, but it was not always so. My father arranged a marriage between me and Princess Morgane. I had never even met her.

Elaine: (looks appalled) That probably wasn’t much fun.

Alan: No indeed, yet I soon grew to love my princess with my whole heart. How could I not? She has the heart of a dragon and beauty beyond compare, but this is not what drew me to her.

Elaine: Really? What was it then?

Prince Alan: (His face softens; his eyes grow dreamy.) It was the noble kindness in her soul. She suffered much at the hands of her father, yet she remains brave, strong, tender, and kind. Anyone who knows her soon discovers her basic goodness. She is a friend to all, especially to me. Thanks to her love I am a better man.

Elaine: She did save your life twice, didn’t she?

Prince Alan: Indeed. If not for the princess who has no battle training whatsoever, I would now be dead. (He smiles proudly.) She does indeed have the heart of a dragon. I wish that you could talk to the warrior Renweard. He praises Princess Morgane all the day long.

Elaine: If I’m not being rude, tell me how you and your father are getting along. Things were once very tense between you.

Prince Alan: (nods) It is true that my father and I often did not see eye to eye, but the recent events in the kingdom have shown us that in spite of our differences, we care for each other.

Elaine: Did you ever paint that picture for Princess Morgane? You promised her a painting filled with sunshine on the day that you two were attacked and began your incredible journey.

Prince Alan: Yes, the painting is complete. Princess Morgane loves it. You may post a picture of it if you like.


Elaine: It’s beautiful. Is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

Prince Alan: (eyes twinkling) Tell them they may return soon to see the painting of my son or daughter.

Elaine: Wonderful! Congratulations to you and Princess Morgane.

Prince Alan: Thank you. My father the king is most gratified.

Elaine: Prince Alan, do come again soon.  To find other authors in the Love Blooms Blog Hop, look below, or go to for the list.


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