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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Beyond the Book: The Meaning of Names

Greetings. Welcome to Beyond the Book, the author’s attempt to keep you informed about her characters’ lives after the book ends.  I am Princess Morgane, Madame Cantrell’s heroine in The Enchanted.

Do you know what your name means? I was curious about my name, so Prince Alan helped me to find out. The name Morgane means ‘sea warrior’ or ‘from the sea.’ The prince my husband said that in my case, sea warrior was more appropriate. He said this because of the help I rendered to him during our recent adventures, the ones Madame Cantrell chronicled in her book.  

Once we found out the meaning of my name, we wanted to know what the prince’s name means. We found that Alan means ‘rock’ or ‘handsome.’ To be sure, both of them fit him. He is very fair to feminine eyes, and not only is he a mighty warrior, he is also as constant and strong as any rock.

Last, we looked up Madame Cantrell’s first name which is Elaine. It is a lovely name which means ‘light.’ She has certainly been a light in our kingdom. I cannot express the esteem in which we hold her.  If you would care to see the party that the king gave for her, you can do so by clicking this link.

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