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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beyond the Book: Character Interview

Elaine: Good morning, LA.  If you aren’t up yet, you should be.  The weather man’s calling for a beautiful day, and traffic isn’t too bad which is great news for all you commuters.  Let’s begin our morning broadcast with an interview with Elizabeth Lane.  Not that Elizabeth needs any introduction, but let me remind you of all she’s achieved in the past few years. 

She originally hails from a little Mid Western town called Fairfield.  When she was twenty one, she and her mother, Frances Lane, moved from Fairfield to Hollywood to give Elizabeth her chance in Tinsel Town.  Of course with Elizabeth’s looks and talent she caught the eye of legendary director Marc Bruno who cast her as Gracie in Gone Away.  Gone Away became one of the highest grossing films in history and catapulted Elizabeth to stardom.  Elizabeth, thanks for coming this morning.  I’m sure you’re a busy woman.

Elizabeth: (smiling warmly) You’re welcome, Elaine.  I always enjoy the chance to reach out to my fans.

Elaine: Yes, it does seem that way.  Some stars are irritated by the press.

Elizabeth: It’s all about dreams.  I don’t mind talking to my fans because like them I know a lot about dreams.  They really can come true.

sure.  What about in the romance department.  Have those dreams come true for you as well?  I reported on the MS benefit last week and saw you and Alex Crawford together.  You’ve been engaged for what: nine months?

Elizabeth: ( squirms a little in her chair and refuses to look the interviewer in the eye)   Yes, that’s about right.  Alex Crawford is extraordinary!  He had a French perfume company create an exclusive fragrance just for me.

Elaine: Wow, the man has a romantic side.  I did want to ask you though, about your relationship with Richard Lovinggood, son of California senator Henry Lovinggood.
Elizabeth: (stiffens in her chair, her face closed and blank) There’s nothing to talk about.  Let’s move on.
Elaine: Ten years ago when he was only seventeen, the two of you had a relationship which you recently rekindled, and you…

Elizabeth: (voice stern)  Move on.

Elaine: Okay, let’s talk about your recent kidnapping.  You were rescued by Richard Lovinggood, right?  For those of you who don’t know, Richard is an FBI agent.

Elizabeth:  (voice cold) That was a painful time in my life, and I don’t want to discuss it.

Elaine: (eyebrows arch) It seems there are a lot of things you don’t want to talk about, and all of them relate to Richard Lovinggood.

Elizabeth: (smiles charmingly) Thank you so much for having me today, Elaine.  I’m due on the set, so I have to run.  My new movie Paradise Bay came out yesterday.  The reviews are great, so don’t miss it.

Elaine: I sure won’t.  (She stands up and shakes Elizabeth’s hand.)  See you on the silver screen.

You can read an excerpt at the publisher’s site or at my web site

Did you know that Return Engagement is the first book in the Lovinggood trilogy, and Blue 52 is the second? Book three is coming up shortly.

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