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Friday, April 25, 2014

Saturday Sample

I'm delighted to tell you that Her Kind of Man is still on the publisher's best seller list and is only .99 at

But my excerpt today is from a book I just completed. I've tentatively titled it Flood. I don't think I'll have to explain what's going on here.

The soft tone in his voice when he said her name took her breath away. She tried to speak, to ask him what he wanted, but words wouldn’t come.
His big hand cupped her face and sent white heat racing through her veins. “You are without doubt the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He pushed a few remaining strands of wet hair from her cheek. She stepped closer, and he swept her into his arms and laid her head against his shoulder.
The doctor in Aria wondered if her blood pressure was dangerously high. It must be. Her heart was going like a jack hammer, and her knees felt spongy. She held on tight to Caleb as the scent of sun-warmed masculine skin surrounded her.
Her tee shirt was wet, but where he was touching her back his hand felt red hot against her. She groaned, and he lifted her head from his shoulder. His eyes, filled with heat, locked with hers before fluttering shut. Firm, kissable lips met hers in a sweet, tender kiss that soon morphed into something else entirely.

His hand tangled into her hair, and he kissed her the way she admitted she’d longed for. As his tongue found hers, she shivered and pressed herself against him.  

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