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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beyond the Book: The Enchanted

Hello. I am Prince Alan, hero of Madame Cantrell's marvelous novel The Enchanted. It is well known in the kingdom that the royal family holds Madame in high regard, so it pleases me to announce a new review for the book. I am posting the review below for your consideration. Attention, please.

I loved this book. It is a fairytale with many twists. Time travel, romance, battles and enchantment all in one book. The characters were so moral and strong. Alan and Morgane had me rooting for them from the beginning. I never lost interest at all, the book had me page turning all night, with anticipation in what would happen. The author actually makes you feel you are there with them. Well worth a read, you won't be disappointed. Miriam Davison

I have also posted a video that Madame made. I am sure that you will enjoy it. Afterward, if you like, you may purchase the book at


Teresa Cypher said...

Fun review. It's a good book. :-)

Heare2Watts said...

Love the book trailer! I haven't read this one YET! Reminds me of how as little girls we loved fairy tales and this is a clean adult fairy tale!