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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Sample

Welcome to Saturday Sample. Before I share today's excerpt, I'd like to let you read a new 5 star review I got on Amazon this week. Here goes.

We start in 2048 and meet the Lovinggood family, a strong political family that has suffered a tragedy that affected the entire country in 2018. We are into a futuristic time and advancements in the sciences and technology. Can a horrendous event be changed? Can time travel really work. Is Dr. Kathryn Sinclair really the best quantum physicist? This story weaved a wonderful tale from the future to change a course of history. It is also a love story on several different levels. The story holds your attention and is a page turner. I loved the characters and solving the mystery and charting a course to change the events of 30 years prior. by RedRobbin

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“You might as well give up, Henry,” Elaine said as she and the senator got ready for bed that night.

“Give up what?”

“Your plan to find a wife for Hank. Richard wouldn’t let you marry him off to Sheila Ridges, and Hank won’t take Lisa Black either. In fact, if you ask me, the only woman he’s interested in is Kathryn Sinclair.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“Well? Did you investigate her?” Elaine laid down her hairbrush and climbed into bed.



“She comes from a nice, middle class family. She’s brilliant, well-educated, and has a good job. Her morals are okay too.”

Elaine pulled the covers over her legs. “If only she wasn’t such a kook.”

The senator grabbed Elaine’s hand. “What if she was right about time travel? Would you try to change the past?”

Elaine thought of the thirty lost years since Richard and Elizabeth had died. “Yes, I would. I would give a great deal to change the past, but I wouldn’t risk Hank to try it.”

“And that’s exactly what’s wrong with Dr. Sinclair.Work with me, Elaine. We don’t want him anywhere near Kathryn Sinclair.”

Elaine laughed at him. “Haven’t you learned anything about love? You’re ninety-eight years old, and you still thought you could get Hank interested in Lisa Black. What a joke! If Hank wants Dr. Sinclair and she wants him back, you probably can’t do a thing about it. Remember how Richard acted about Sheila Ridges.”

“Of course I remember, but Kathryn admitted her project could be dangerous; I refuse to risk Hank’s life. I’ve lost almost my entire family, and I can’t survive another loss. If I lose Hank, they might as well dig my grave too.”


"First Lady Kills President Lovinggood"
December 29, 2018

Thirty years later Hank Lovinggood embarks on a quest to prove his mother's innocence and punish the killers who took his family from him.  Together Hank and lovely physicist Kathryn Sinclair confront an implacable, twisted, merciless enemy who'll do whatever it takes to hide the truth forever. 

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Kathy Heare Watts said...

I just finished and reviewed BLUE 52 and I loved the story! While reading it, I shared thoughts on the story with my husband. We actually talked about how it just even one thing in a day would alter the future, if time travel were possible. I think this story was so well constructed and the events were well described that you could immerse yourself into the story. LOVED IT!