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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beyond the Book: Character Interview

Welcome to Beyond the Book. My name is Jennifer Jones, and I'm the anchor on WPFA TV. I recently interviewed local resident Jake Douglas for our weekly Local Color segment, and today I'm talking to Peyton O'Malley who recently married Jake. Peyton, how did you first meet Jake?

Peyton: (laughing) I first saw Jake in the barn brushing his horse. He didn't want to talk to me  at all. In fact, he was downright rude to me.

Jennifer: Obviously, he changed his mind about you.

Peyton: Yes, I asked him for a job, and he hired me to work in the kitchen at Rest Thy Head.

Jennifer: Can you cook like Jake does?

Peyton: Not a chance. I'm still the salad girl. Coffee too. I can make good coffee.

Jennifer: You also appeared in the annual play to commemorate  the founding of Waterbury.

Peyton: (nodding) That was a lot of fun. 

Jennifer: I'm sure it was. Jake told us that Rest Thy Head really does have a ghost. Do you believe that?

Peyton: (shrugging) If we do, I know it's a nice ghost. 

Jennifer: Thanks so much for talking to us, Peyton. I'll come out soon and try one of your salads.


“Did you and Jake have a good time?” Sandra asked. The way she rolled her eyes, Peyton knew she was still angry about Jake’s curt manner during breakfast.

“Actually, we did. We saw a bear on the edge of the woods, and he bought me an ice cream sandwich.”

Sandra dropped the cucumber she was peeling. “Wow. You must have impressed him. He won’t even speak civilly to me.”

Peyton giggled. “If you can sweeten an old bear with honey, maybe you can sweeten Jake with an ice cream sandwich.”

“Then let’s keep plenty of them on hand,” Sandra retorted. “He had no business acting up the way he did this morning. Everybody in the kitchen is mad at him.” She pursed her lips. “If I were a man, I’d kick his butt for him.”

Peyton tossed her a head of lettuce from across the room. “It might do him good. Teach him some manners.”

Jake entered the kitchen about the time another head of lettuce flew through the air. The angry look on his face almost scared Peyton. Almost. “Catch, Jake.” She fired another head of lettuce his way, and he caught it with one hand.

“I didn’t hire you to play football with the lettuce,” he growled, but it was too late to scold them. Everyone had already seen him grin.  

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