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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Sample: Blue 52

Welcome to Saturday Sample. I'm continuing today where I left off last week in Blue 52. If you'd like to read last week's post to refresh your memory, you can find it hereBasically, we've learned that the senator's son Richard was the President of the US. He and his wife are dead, and their bodies will have to be relocated because a high tech train line needs to go through the cemetery. We also learned that the senator has arthritis and that the president's son Hank has found another cemetery where he wants his parents buried. Elaine is the senator's wife.

Elaine slowly made her way up the stairs and went into her room, where she sat down in front of her dressing table. She loved Henry to distraction. So much so that at times she actually wished he had died with Richard. He’d have been happy then. As it was... 

At first she had assumed he’d eventually get over his hurt and be okay, but he never did. He grieved as much today as he had right after the murder took place and would go to his own grave mourning his dead son.

Sometimes she cursed the Renexin in the American water supply. Who wanted to live to one hundred fifteen? The sooner death came, the better. She’d had enough losses and pain in her life. Enough was enough. 

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