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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Summer Diary

The Summer Diary
by Elyse Douglas



After her best friend and husband are killed in an airplane crash, a young woman finds her best friend’s diary and learns that she was secretly in love with another man, a soldier.  Determined to find the secret lover, Keri sets off on a journey and discovers the key to her destiny.


Keri noticed that Sophia’s handwriting was clearer than her usual rushed script, when she often left out commas and didn’t always cross her t’s.  The dots for the i’s were usually far from the intended letter, or left out entirely. 

In the diary, Sophia wrote with care and precision, seemingly enjoying the process of documenting her thoughts and emotions.

I’m going to call this my “Summer Diary,” because when I’m finished filling all these pages, summer will be over, I’ll be married, I’ll fire my shrink and I’ll toss this thing into the fire.  For now, I’m having fun.  I can write any damned thing I want and nobody will ever know it or see it.  I can be crude or selfish, sexy or crazy.  Who cares?  It’s only me talking to me, and when it’s all over—into the fire, baby, and forever forgotten.

My shrink is right, it’s very freeing to write down whatever you feel.  Whatever you think.  It’s like being in a hot air balloon or skydiving or being in bed with a sexy guy who absolutely sends you into spasms of ecstasy. 

Okay, I feel wonderfully wicked.  I went to lunch with the guy—oh what the hell—his name is Ryan.  No last name, though.  We ate hamburgers and drank dark beer at the Main Street CafĂ©.  He’s quiet, doesn’t talk much, but wow, he is the sexiest man I’ve ever met.  He oozes with it, but he seems to keep it inside, which really turns me on.  Never met a guy like him.  He’s like an unopened treasure chest, and girl oh girl, would I like to ride on top of that chest! 


The Summer Diary was an enjoyable read. This author has a talent for description and set the stage beautifully. When I was reading the book I had the impression of a beautiful, fresh, breezy day when the air is sparkling clean, the sky is blue overhead, and the day is brightened by good company. 

The characters were all sympathetic, and I liked them. Both had issues to address, and together they worked on their problems. There were a few surprises as the book progressed, but I did guess what the end would be.

One thing I might mention is that there was more than one point of view per section, and some people might not like that. It was always obvious whose point of view we were in, and I for one did not find it distracting at all.

If you enjoy a story about two people who want better lives than they have, I think you'd enjoy The Summer Diary.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a Degree in English Literature.  She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a speech-language pathologist.  She and her husband, Douglas Pennington, have completed five novels: The Other Side of Summer, Christmas for Juliet, Wanting Rita, Christmas Ever After, The Christmas Town and The Christmas Diary.
Douglas grew up in a family where music and astrology were second and third languages.  He attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years. His two detective books include Death is Lookin' for ELVIS and Death is a TAPDANCER.  His great, great grandfather lived to be 132 years old, and was the oldest man in the world when he died in 1928.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Mai T. said...

When did you decide to become a writer?

Elyse Douglas said...

Thanks for hosting and for your review of THE SUMMER DIARY.

I was writing in journals when I was 7 and 8 years old, describing people, feelings and events.

Victoria Alexander said...

Thanks for your honest review. I'm a fan of dual POVs so that won't be a problem for me. Thanks again for sharing :)

Elaine Cantrell said...

Dual POV only bothers me if you can't tell whose head we're in, and that isn't the case with The Summer Diary. It was a good read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review!


Rita said...

I like the review.

Eva Millien said...

Thanks for sharing your review, sounds like a really good book.

Betty Woodrum said...

Great excerpt and review! This sounds like an amazing book! Thank you for sharing!

Glenda said...

I like how her writing is so much neater in the diary she plans on burning.... Thanks for the excerpt!

Ree Dee said...

I loved the excerpt! Thank you for the post and the giveaway!

Ally Swanson said...

I really enjoyed reading the excerpt and your review. Looking forward to reading this book!