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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fashionista Friday

Welcome to Fashionista Friday. I've been sharing outfits I've described in my books, and today we're going to look at something worn by Aimee Sherwood, heroine of Fortuna. Aimee's dress is awful, but since the holidays are approaching, I thought I'd share some dresses I think are pretty nice. Here's the excerpt where I describe Aimee's dress. Pictures are after the excerpt. Tell me which dress you like best and you could win a free copy of Fortuna.

I hate the outfits Rocky wants me to wear. ‘Your clothes are a part of my stage personality,’ he said. He wants me to look like a party girl.

She glared at the dress. It was made of spandex covered in electric blue sequins and was so short it was dangerous to sit down. Not only that, her boobs would probably fall out of the bodice any time now. The horrible dress had been designed to push up the assets.

Dress 1 is classically simple, and would show off some killer accessories.

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Dress 2 has beautiful rosettes with that lovely sparkle from the sequins.

Dress 3 I love this lace and sequin beauty.

Dress 4 is the most expensive little number on the page even though it's a minidress. Do you like it?

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Unknown said...

I couldn't pull it off, but I love the shiny blue one...the last pic you showed. Anything shiny and shimmery is my favorite.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I couldn't pull it off either, Donna, but it's real pretty.

Chelle Cordero said...

I like #2, always like V necks and sleeves (and oh do I wish I had the figure!)