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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beyond the Book: The Captain and the Cheerleader

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Book. I've been sharing excerpts from The Captain and the Cheerleader. I'm picking up where I left off last week. When you finish  with this post, scroll down. I have two guests today, and I believe there are some prizes up for grabs.

Robin Lanford who's a royal pain in the butt just bet Susan English that she couldn't get a date with Kurt Deveraux, the head football coach. Some of the other faculty members also got in on the bet. Kurt showed up and Susan asked about the football game later that night. Kurt went to be with the football players before the game. He told his friend Jason that Susan had given him a compliment, and Jason reminded him that he already had a girl named Aleisha Childs. Kurt isn't sure if it's serious between them. He is about to lose his Friday night ball game when a boy interrupted him. The boy had a football play from Susan that won the game for him. Kurt is pondering that play when Alicia calls and cancels their date for that night. Kurt decides to ask Susan to go with him so he can ask her about that play, and afterward Susan calls her friend Melissa who told her to behave herself. Susan said it was a party that were going to, and the worst thing that could happen is they wouldn't have a good time.

Susan English can’t stand Robin Lanford! She’s so full of herself she irritates everyone on the faculty of Fairfield High. When Robin bets Susan fifty dollars that she can’t get a date with Kurt Deveraux, the head football coach, Susan jumps at the chance to put the little heifer in her place. She had no idea that teaching Robin a lesson would irrevocably change her life, strain treasured friendships, and throw two families into chaos.


As Susan hung up the phone, Samson head butted her to get her attention. He always seemed to understand when she wasn’t totally focused on him. “I hope we have fun tonight, kitty. Things have been a little stale since Tommy and I broke up.”

Samson stared holes through Susan, but the mean look on his face didn’t surprise her. “You liked Tommy, didn’t you, boy? He always had a treat for you, but that’s no excuse for looking daggers at me.

“I feel bad about Tommy too. He’s a great guy, but I don’t love him the way he loved me. I broke up with him because it wasn’t fair to let him hope for something that can never be. Still, I miss him too.”
She needed to move on with her life, and going out with Kurt Deveraux seemed like a good way to begin. Maybe this date had come at exactly the right time. 

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