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Thursday, March 30, 2017

His Last Resort

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce His Last Resort, a Contemporary Christian Romance by author M.A. Malcolm, March 27-April 7, 2017.
ISBN-10: 9769581550
ISBN-13: 978-9769581555

About The Author
M. A. Malcolm, a native of Jamaica, is a wife, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister and aunt. She is a freelance copy editor, administrative service provider and self-publishing consultant who also works part-time as an educator. With a passion for enhancing the work of Christian writers, she is certified in copyediting and is the founder of Nitpicking with a Purpose ( Over the years, she has worked with a host of local and international authors and authors-to-be.

When she published her first book, "His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance" in July, 2015, she fully expected it to be ‘one and done.’ She had no intention of writing another book of any kind; however, readers have demanded more, and the Lord has made it possible for her to comply. Not only has He allowed her more time to write; He has also given her more messages to share.

With the anticipated publication of "His Last Resort," the first part of her relatively recent vision of turning "His Last Hope" into a series has come true. She is currently working on two more manuscripts in the series, and has plans for a third.

In 2016, she also became a children’s author with the publication of her first children’s book, "So very… Max!"—a modern-day response to Hans Christian Andersen’s "The Ugly Duckling."
Mrs. Malcolm has been a part of Faith in Christ Ministries in Westmoreland, Jamaica, for more than ten years. She divides her time among her family; work and writing projects; dogs; to-be-read list, and catching up on much-needed sleep.

About The Book
Driven and focused, business owner and future pastor Robert Marsden knows exactly what he wants… and what he doesn’t. The Do Not Disturb sign he’s placed on his heart is his way of discouraging the ‘wanna-be first ladies’ who’ve set their sights on him... ladies like Claire Foxwood. The way he sees it, Claire and others like her are clearly more focused on impressing others than on their eternal souls.

Claire can’t help her attraction to Robert, but his decision to make a public spectacle of her hurts to the core. Part of her wants to give him a piece of her mind, but the rest of her remains infatuated with the man who’s too attractive for his – and her – own good. If only she didn’t feel like he has a role to play in her destiny!
Can Ruby “Aunt Ruby” Crawford’s words of godly wisdom peppered with a hint of humor help the misguided pair look deep within themselves and discover God’s plan for their lives?
“Do you go out of your way to be offensive to everyone? Or am I special?” She folded her arms and looked crossly at Robert. Chaz stood alert, as if he was aware of his owner’s mood.

“Excuse me?” He wondered if he’d heard her right.

“I’ve wracked my brain, Mr. Marsden. I’ve gone over every minute of every conversation we’ve ever had, and the only time I remember being even a little bit rude to you was that day at your church. Clearly, my defensiveness that day made more of an impact than I thought, so please let me apologize. I’m sorry for my behavior that afternoon. I was annoyed that you had so easily forgotten me, although I obviously remembered meeting you. It was childish, and if I was rude or out of line, I’m really sorry. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to go.”

She stepped away from him, but Robert moved in front of her and stood with his legs wide apart and his hands on his hips, effectively blocking her path. It was amazing how attractive she was with her face free of makeup and covered in perspiration. If circumstances were different, he might be tempted to lean forward and kiss the bead of sweat from just above her top lip and then maybe he’d
He caught himself mid-thought and tried to remember what she had just said.

As if she were aware of the direction his thoughts had taken, she retrieved a small towel that had been tucked into the waistband of her pants and mopped her face.

“Thank you for the apology, as unnecessary as it was. Exactly how have I ever been offensive to you?”

She gave a wry laugh. “I guess the word is not so much offensive as it is judgmental.” She moved towards the nearby park bench, but remained standing.

“Me? Judgmental?” He was quite confused. Was he hearing right?

“You. Judgmental...."

Ten Things You Didn’t Know about M. A. Malcolm

M. A. Malcolm is a native of rural Jamaica, where she lives and works. A certified copy editor, she provides various other freelance administrative services to international clients while finding time to write and work as a self-publishing consultant. A part-time educator, she is also a wife and the mother of one son. Her debut novel, “His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance,” was named the Christian Small Publisher Romance Book of the Year in 2016. The prequel, “His Last Resort,” made its debut in March, 2017. She is also the author of the children’s book, “So very… Max!”
Here are ten things you might find surprising about Christian author M. A. Malcolm:
1.     I work in data entry.
Despite being a qualified Spanish teacher by profession, I’ve had an entry-level data entry job for the past few years. I work online both day and night, and it’s monotonous work, but it pays the bills and allows me the freedom to chauffeur my son and teach part-time. I also have the leeway to work on writing and editing projects, so even though others are convinced I’m not fulfilling my potential, I’m content being where I am for the time being.

2.     One of my characters is named after my dog.
Even though my first book, “His Last Hope,” is a romance novel, it was really written to share the story of one of the minor characters and how she overcame pregnancy loss. Jasmine is the character whose story is loosely based on my own, and I actually named her for my dog Jazz.

3.     I have a Master’s degree in Spanish American Literature.
I know, right? A Master’s in Spanish American Literature? What were you thinking? At the time, I was thinking I’d remain in the world of academia. I expected to be imparting my love of all things Gabriel Garcia Marquez to generation after generation of university students. It turns out God had other plans for my life, and I moved back to rural Jamaica. If I had remained where I was, it’s unlikely that I’d have become a writer.

4.     I live on an island but I don’t like the beach.
Yes, it’s true. I live in Jamaica, but like most Jamaicans, I never learned to swim. What’s special about me, though, is that unlike most other Jamaicans, I don’t like being at the beach. The sand sets off my allergies and there’s never enough shade for me. I prefer lounging by the river or a pool. These days, I go to the beach now and then because my son likes it. We live 25 minutes from Negril’s famous seven miles of white sand beaches.

5.      I’m quite near-sighted.
I’ve been wearing glasses since I was ten years old. I currently wear contact lenses when I leave the house, because my glasses are pretty thick and when I wear them, I get the feeling people don’t know where to look when we’re talking. It’s hard to see my eyes through the thick lenses.

6.     I’m not a morning person.
If I had my way, I’d never wake up before ten o’clock. I like going to bed around two in the morning, and before becoming a mother, I enjoyed ten hours of sleep every night. No more! For the past six years (since I became pregnant with my five-year-old), I haven’t been able to get enough sleep.

7.     Becoming a dog-sitter is one of my dream jobs.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I like most dogs more than I like most people. Dogs also like me, so much so that I’ve fantasized about becoming a dog-sitter. If I could be paid to play with dogs all day, then I’d definitely say goodbye to some of the projects I work on!

8.     I could eat Asian food every single day.
Which is sad, when one considers that there are only two Chinese restaurants within half-an-hour’s drive from my home. Seriously, though, I could eat Pad Thai, Singapore Noodles, Beef Chow Mein or Shrimp Fried Rice just about every day of my life and never get tired of it.

9.     I’ve only had two full-time jobs in my working life.
Outside of my parents’ stores, I’ve only had two full-time jobs in 15 years of working. I worked in university administration for a year, from the age of 26 to 27. I later worked as a full-time assistant college professor for five years. I have a short attention span, and enjoy working on part-time or short-term projects where my various skills can be used. 

10.  I haven’t been to the movies in almost ten years.
The closest cinema is over an hour away, and despite my love for indigestion-inducing nachos and jumbo hot dogs with jalapeƱos, I haven’t seen a silver screen since I watched Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?” I’d go more often if not for the narrow, winding roads between my home town and Montego Bay, where the cinema is located.


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