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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Beyond the Book: Purple Heart

Welcome to Beyond the Book. Today we'll continue with out excerpts from Purple Heart, my Wild Rose Press release. 


Jenna West has no idea what she might have done to her new tenant Mike Hightower. He's surly and hateful every single time they meet, and he looks at her as though he despises her.

He does despise her. She's from the Middle East, and people like her killed his friend Ramirez when the army sent them to Iraq.

Will the power of love work its magic to soften Mike's bitter hatred, or will he ignore his growing attraction for his pretty landlady?

Last Week:

“When would you like to start, Mike?” 

“I need a day or two to find someplace to live. How about Monday?” 

“That works for me. Say, I just thought of something. Jenna West has a duplex for rent. I saw it on the bulletin board in the cafeteria.” 

“Who’s Jenna West?” 

“She works a couple of aisles away from you, but she isn’t here today. She called in with a virus of some sort. She must really feel bad. Jenna hasn’t missed a day of work in the past year and a half.” 

“Could we get her number?”

“Sure can. I think Jenna would treat you right.”


This week: I've skipped a few paragraphs, and today is the first mention of our heroine Jenna West.

Mike copied the phone number, and put it in his pocket. “Thanks again, Stan. I really do appreciate it.” 

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you on Monday.”

They shook hands, and Mike went back to the receptionist’s desk to sign out. “Will you be working for Taylor-Lord, Mr. Hightower?”

“Yes, I start on Monday.”

“Good. I’m Carol Burch, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Burch.”

She smiled sweetly, and looked into his eyes. “Oh, 
call me Carol, Mike.” 

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