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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Victorian Era

Today’s post is for all of you historical readers and authors. I’ve never written a historical novel, but I do teach history, so I thought from time to time I’d throw in a little history for those of you who like it. I thought we’d start with the Victorian Era.

The Victorian Era, which is named after England’s Queen Victoria, is remembered as a time when people were very proper. If you were a Victorian gentleman you’d:

1.let a lady walk or ride along the wall

2.never speak to a lady unless she spoke first

3.precede a lady walking upstairs and follow one walking downstairs

4.take the backward facing seat in a carriage and get out first to help the lady dismount

5.never smoke in a lady’s presence

If you were a proper Victorian lady you’d:

1.never walk alone or unchaperoned if you were unmarried and under thirty

2.never go alone to make a social call on a man

3.never wear pearls or diamonds in the morning

4.never dance more than three dances with the same partner

5.never uses a gentleman’s Christian name

I hope you enjoyed this look into the past. Be on the look out for my next historical post when I’ll tell you about the Victorian tea and share some original Victorian recipes with you.

Thanks for reading!
Elaine Cantrell
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