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Friday, March 13, 2009

Remember your first kiss? What if the man you loved more than life itself gave that kiss to you, and after five years of happiness and the birth of a child he died and left you alone? Would you risk your heart again when a new man comes along, or would your memories and your precious child be enough for you?

That’s the situation Jenna West finds herself in. In this excerpt from Purple Heart, Jenna and the new man in her life, Mike Hightower, share a first kiss.

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I have another first kiss scene posted under the Romancing February post. Just scroll down to find it. That kiss is from The Welcome Inn now available at

It felt nice to be part of a couple again. It had been a
long time since a man opened doors for her, paid for her
dinner, or took her to a movie. She and Ethan had done
all of those things, but Ethan had died six year ago. She
usually went to the movies with Crystal, and while she
appreciated Crystal’s friendship more than she could say,
having a date with a man did make a nice change.

All too soon for Jenna, the evening ended, and they
went back to the duplex. She hated to go inside. The night
sky was filled with stars, and the smell of the roses she
had planted last year filled the balmy air with a sweet
perfume. She wondered if Mike too hated for the evening
to end; she thought he did.

Jenna knew that she should shake Mike’s hand and
go inside, but truthfully, she had something else in mind.
She hadn’t felt a man’s kiss in a long time, and she
wanted to kiss Mike. She wanted to kiss him to see if it
was okay to kiss a man other than Ethan.

She thought that Mike wanted to kiss her too. He
took a small step closer to her and put his arms around

For a moment, Jenna thought that she had made a
mistake because Mike didn’t smell or feel like Ethan. In
another second, she would have pulled out of his arms,
but he shut his eyes, and his lips touched hers.

And Jenna thought she might have died and gone to
heaven. Kissing Mike sent little chills up and down her
backbone, and her insides felt all squishy and warm.

So, what do you think Jenna will do?


  1. Hi, Elaine! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Between pregnancy, a cold, and severe allergies, it's all I can do to lift my head off the pillow some days.

    I'm back now though and have to add my two cents on Purple Heart. It's a GREAT read and a sweet story,and I love plots with a twist.

    I also can't wait to read my copy of Welcome Inn! Just waiting for a day when my attention span is longer than a minute!

  2. Oh, Emma, I do hope you feel better soon. I have allergies too, and when they get you down you don't feel like doing a thing. Adding a cold and a pregnancy to the mix only makes it more awful! Thanks for the nice things you said about Purple Heart