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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Writing Space

Are you curious about the place where your favorite author works his/her magic and creates beautiful stories for you to read? It surprised me the first time anyone asked me about my writing space, but lots of people are curious about it. In fact, I found a whole web site devoted to pictures of people’s desks. Truthfully, I enjoyed looking at them very much.

So, what does mine look like? To begin, the room is very small, only about 10x8 or so, and it’s crammed full of furniture. How did that happen? Blame it on my husband. Once I started writing seriously I wanted a private place to get away from distractions, so I moved my computer upstairs into the smallest bedroom we have. I put my computer desk beside a twin sized bed, moved a bookcase in, and I was ready to write. Why did I keep the bed? Simple. If I got tired of writing I could stand up and fall onto the bed for a nap.

Anyway, the family noticed my absence. “What are you doing up there all by yourself?” they asked. I told them, giving my husband a good idea in the process. “I’ll move my computer in there too,” he said. And he did. He moved in his computer and computer desk and also a TV.

Is it tight in that little room? You betcha. Our computers are on opposite walls, so if we aren’t careful we’ll bump each other if we slide our chairs back. We’ve had more than one quarrel because he won’t put his chair back where it belongs after he finishes with his computer.

Is there an upside to this tight situation? You betcha. When we watch TV, I prop my feet in his lap, and he gives me foot massages. If I want a snack I can talk him into getting it for me. And if he’s been really good, I can just swivel my chair around and give him a hug. In fact, he gave me the two frogs on top of my computer desk. Why frogs? Well, that’s an inside joke. He didn’t give me the bear. That was a gift from a friend.

I intended to straighten the desk up before I took a picture, but I decided not to. By the end of the week it always looks this way. So what about you? What does your space look like?

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