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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome Sandy Nicks

During the month of December my blog has been taken over by my characters. I have no idea what they're going to do next! Your hostess is Elizabeth Lane heroine of Return Engagement. Her assistant is her cousin Nikki Lane who is the heroine of The Best Selling Toy Of The Season.

Elizabeth: Nikki, we have another guest today. This is Sandy Nicks.

Nikki: Hi, Sandy. Are you an author too?

Sandy: I sure am. I've got a book I'd like to tell you about too.

Nikki: Sounds good to me! I'm giving people books for Christmas, and I need one more.

Elizabeth: Sandy, could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your writing?

Sandy: Thank you for having me, Elaine, Elizabeth, and Nikki! I write romantic comedy and time travel romance for Vanilla Heart Publishing. My first novel, Falling for Autumn, was published in 2009. It’s the first book in the series Sisters for All Seasons. Book two, Crazy Days of Summer, will be released in early 2011. My time travel romance, Circle of Eternity, was released in February 2010.

I live near the Jersey Shore with my husband, four kids and nine spoiled pets. When I’m not writing, I like to read, go to the beach in Belmar, and hang out with my family.

Elizabeth: I love romantic comedy! My new movie that's coming out next summer is a romantic comedy.

Nikki: Sandy, Elizabeth is an actress, but I guess you knew that. Everyone knows her especially after Elaine told her story in Return Engagement.

Sandy: Everyone's heard of Elizabeth Lane!

Elizabeth: Can you tell us about your latest release, Sandy?

Sandy: The release date for Crazy Days of Summer has changed to early 2011. It’s about the middle sister, Summer. I had a lot of fun writing it and look forward to its release. It takes place in Hollywood and Belmar, NJ. Autumn makes an appearance as well as their beloved and fun mother Daisy. Spring, the youngest sister, whose book will be out late next year, also makes an appearance. Summer works for a movie star and things get hot and crazy…that’s all I’ll say for now : -)

Elizabeth: Wow, working for a movie star! I hope it's a nice star. Where did you get your idea for the book?

Sandy: The idea started with Falling for Autumn. Her family plays an important part in her life and in the story. I fell in love with all of them and wanted each sister to have her own story. I admit there are always pieces from real life woven into my stories. However, ideas can and do strike randomly and I always keep a notebook with me to write them down.

Nikki: Which is your favorite of all your books? Why?

Sandy: I honestly can’t pick one because I love all of my characters and their adventures. It’s also hard to choose because I write both contemporary and time travel romance. I love writing about the present day just as much as I do writing about the twelfth century. They also have a common theme that love and a sense of humor going hand-in-hand. I want my readers to laugh just as much as I want them to be sent on an adventure and fall in love.

Nikki: Elaine says shehas a hard time picking favorites too, but I bet my book is really her favorite. What are your plans for Christmas?

Sandy: We’ll be spending Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s house. In addition to my five year old nephew, we have a new nephew who’s just six months old so I’m really looking forward to being with them. When we get home that night, it’s a tradition for me, my husband and our children to watch the movie Christmas Vacation! On Christmas Day, we’ll be home opening presents, hanging out and eating lots of goodies!

Elizabeth: That sounds lovely to me, Sandy. We’d love to have a blurb and excerpt from your latest book. Be sure to include a buy link.

Sandy: Since the release for Crazy Days of Summer has been changed, I’ll just give you the blurb. If readers would like to read excerpts from Falling for Autumn and Circle of Eternity, they can be found on my web site:

Crazy Days of Summer blurb:
Crazy Happens.
Summer Winters is used to having a hectic life. She has no choice. She works long hours for a famous movie star, she’s planning her beach wedding in New Jersey from her office in California, and her mother calls ten times a day to discuss ideas for the ceremony that include mermaid ice sculptures, fish bowl centerpieces and having the bridal party jump in the ocean.

Bret Hartford is handsome, wealthy and famous. With a recent string of box office successes, he’s rocketing to A-list status. He throws lavish parties, attends red carpet events and is always flocked by a bevy of beauties hoping to win his heart.
Like violent waves stirred by a coastal storm, Summer and Bret are suddenly hit with lies and betrayal. Summer’s wedding plans quickly unravel when her fiancĂ© becomes distant and her mother falls ill. Bret’s future takes a hit when he becomes embroiled in a scandal that threatens his career. While Summer tries to mend her broken heart and care for her mother, Bret is relying on her to help him uncover the truth.

When Summer and Bret join forces to get their lives back in order, their working relationship turns like the tide. From low to high, they soon find their friendship is changing to something more intense.
Can this heated passion endure the crazy days of summer?

All my books are available in print and a variety of e-book formats – including Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad and more. They can be purchased at Amazon and B&N. To learn more about me and my books, please visit:

Thanks again, ladies, for having me!

Elizabeth: Thanks for coming, Sandy. And I do know Bret Hartford.

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