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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashionista Friday: Channeling the Dutchess of Cambridge

Channeling the Duchess of Cambridge

I think Prince William got lucky.  Kate Middleton is one beautiful, poised young woman.  I also think she has incredible taste in clothes.  One of my favorites was the outfit she wore to meet the Obamas.  Here’s a picture of it in case you missed it.  Isn’t it elegant, understated, and just plain awesome?  The dress is by Reiss Shola, and so many people wanted to buy it that the website crashed.  The price isn’t bad either.  Only $340.00

But do you really want to have the same dress, or would you rather just have the look?  I don’t want to be a copycat, so I went looking for something that has the same feel, and this is what I found. (Picture by Pop Sugar)

This dress has a better pedigree than Kate’s dress.  It’s a Herve Legar which retailed for $1481.00, but you can buy it on sale here for $269.99.

Still a bit pricey?  Here’s a nice alternative at 2 Cute 2 Trendy.  Price? 39.99

If you don’t want something so low cut may I suggest this instead.

This is a bit more casual, but since I haven’t received an invitation to dine with the queen, this will probably do just fine.  It comes in military green which is shown, beige, and black. Fabric is sateen.  Get it for $27.99 at Target.

To accessorize the nude/beige dresses, I suggest we copy Kate who’s wearing black heels and carrying a black clutch purse.

If you’d like to do something really trendy with these dresses you could maybe wear a blazer or oversize sweater with them.  You could also put a shirt over it, and turn it into a cute skirt.

Word of warning!  If you’re pleasingly plump (like me) you’d probably be happier with something  else.  Try this Tina B cap sleeve with embellished waist.  It’s available at  Macy's for $89.00.  I think this dress would be exactly right for me.  It has the elegant, polished look that I like, but it would hide a few bowls of ice cream that somehow got stuck on my hips.  Michelle Obama's look would fit me pretty well too.


Heather Haven said...

So I absolutely loved this column and love the dresses. And channeling in a duchess is so appropriate, darling, for someone of your taste and breeding. I once channeled in a dog, but let's not go there.

Anthology Authors said...

Interesting. I'm so not a dress gal, for the most part. I'll do it on the rare occasion. It requires I act the lady. That's just too much work. (g) Also, the colors would make me look like death. Ecru is not the color for me, nor is taupe, khaki, or tan. (g) I liked some of the styles, though.

skystne said...

She is so elegant and a modest dresser to boot. Thank heaven. I hope her husband appreciates her five, ten and twenty plus years from now.

Marianne Stephens said...

Macy's dress for me. I can't afford big bucks for clothes like celebrities.
I think Kate will "do her own thing" and not bow to super conservative (and outdated) fashion displayed by other "royalty" women.
Good Lord, some of those "hats" worn at the royal wedding were ridiculous and looked like they were designed by 5-year-olds.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Heather, my stepmother had a wardrobe for her dog. Nice little coats and booties.

Anthology Authors, don't worry. I'll be doing some everyday things as well.

Skystne, I'm with you. He'd better appreciate her.

marianne, the Macy's dress would be perfect for me. Such a nice look.