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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashionista Friday: National Flip Flop Day

Bet you didn’t know that today is National Flip Flop Day.  No, I’m not kidding.  It really is, and I always celebrate with a blog post on flip flops.  They’ve been around for a long time.  Did you know that King Tut had a pair of flip flops in his tomb?  They were made of solid gold.  We don’t make flip flops out of gold now, but they’re gold anyway.  In 2010, the sale of flip flops generated $2 billion?  Yeah, there’s gold in flip flops, but that isn't what National Flip Flop Day is all about.  I snagged the following from their website.
On June 17th, Tropical Smoothie Café will celebrate the 5th anniversary of National Flip Flop Day! It all started back in 2007 as a celebration encouraging our customers to kick off summer, and their shoes, by wearing a pair of flip flops. As a simple thank you to our loyal customers, the first 500 people wearing flip flops at each location were given a FREE 24 oz. Jetty Punch smoothie. Soon after, we realized that National Flip Flop Day was also the perfect opportunity to spread some sunshine to those in need. In 2008, we proudly announced a national charity partnership with a magical place called Camp Sunshine. Today, we still spend National Flip Flop Day celebrating the kick off of summer by wearing flip flops and giving away free smoothies, but we also raise awareness and money for Camp Sunshine. This year, we decided to expand our charity efforts into six weeks of fundraising to help children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to make more magical memories.
Learn more about Camp Sunshine here. Make a donation at any local Tropical Smoothie Café, or right now by clicking here. And, don't forget to stop by your local Tropical Smoothie Café on June 17th for a FREE 24 oz. Jetty Punch smoothie*. Just remember to wear your flip flops, and to maybe bring along a dollar or two to help those in need. That's the spirit we started National Flip Flop Day with five years ago, and one we hope will continue for many years to come.
*Limit 500 smoothies per location

Flip flops come in all shapes and sizes.  I paid $2.98 for some plain, old-fashioned red ones that I used at the beach last year to walk on the sand.  (I’ve got to find some more to use this year.  The dog ate one of mine.)  But you can spend more on flip flops and get some fancy ones.  Let me show you a few of my favorites.  (Next week I promise we won’t do shoes.  I only did them today because it was National Flip Flop Day.  Next week we’re channeling the Duchess of Cambridge.)

$38.95 at   Comes in different colors.

$39.00 at

 This Hale Bob is $36.00 at
$60.00 at

This one is a Born and comes in lots of colors.  $24.99 at

$29.00 at

See anything you like?  I’d pick the Born hands down.  If you don’t like these, there are lots more out there.


Debra St. John said...

Personally, I go for the 99 cent to dollar ninety-nines to wear and out about! I have them in a variety of colors.

On your list, I think I'm liking the leopard ones. Nice.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I have some zebra ones that I just adore!