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Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome to Fashionista Friday

Welcome to the first Fashionista Friday. Am I a fashionista? I doubt it. I’m not even sure I spelled the word right. (If I didn’t, you’ll let me know, right?) No, I don’t spend my days shopping or studying fashion magazines, but like most women, I do want to look nice. I bet you do too, so I’ve decided to share my quest for a new summer wardrobe. After looking at the things I like, you may say my taste is all in my mouth, but then again, maybe we’ll be on the same wavelength fashion wise.

As any fashionista knows, having the proper handbag is critical to give your outfit a smooth, polished look. I needed a red bag, so, I began my search and found a Hermes birkin bag I loved at .

Just look at it! The words Hermes Paris made in France are embossed on front of bag under flap. It has Palladium gold hardware lock and keys, and Hermes Paris embossed on the hardware. There are four palladium feet at the bottom to protect your bag each time you set it down. It’s also available in blue, orange-gold, and silver although the blue bag has ostrich veins not crocodile.

Price? $332.99. Ouch. I don’t want to pay that much for something I’ll use with only one or two outfits, but I do look this look. Can I find an alternative without spending so much?

Yep, sure can. What do you think of this?

Of course, it isn’t identical, but it has the same look to it. It’s roughly the same shape and size, and it also has a nice grain pattern running down the front like the original. It even has the same feet and similar hardware. I found it at

Oh, what’s the price? Only $63.00. Just call me your friendly frugal fashionista. (Bet you can’t say that too fast.)

Don’t forget to join me on Sunday for Six Sentence Sunday. Happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

I actually like the look of the less expensive bag. It has a softer, more comfortable look. Great post. Thanks for the tip!

Kim Bowman Author said...

great post, elaine!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Glad you enjoyed it, ladies. I'm having a good time finding this stuff.

Joselyn Vaughn said...

Great post, Elaine! Both bags are really cute.