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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashionista Friday: Violet's Dress

When Matt and Violet my hero and heroine in A New Dream first started dating, Matt invited her to go with him to his friend's wedding.  Does this excerpt from A New Dream sound like you when you want to impress your date?

“How should I wear my hair?” Violet chewed at her lip.  “I’m wearing the blue dress I wore to Henry and Julie’s wedding."

Marjorie sighed and rolled her eyes. “Violet, I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have encouraged you to go out with Matt. His friend’s wedding is all you’ve talked about for days now.” She sighed again. “Wear your hair just like you always wear it. Matt likes it that way.”

“He does? How do you know?”

“Because of the way he looks at you.” Marjorie passed a tub of cake frosting to Violet. “Now, Violet, you still have several cakes to ice. You’d better get at it.”

“I don’t like my shoes. I think I need to get something nicer.  Where could I find something sort of unusual?”

“Patterson’s at the mall. Now about those cakes…”

“Do you think I should get a makeover before the wedding?” Violet surveyed her reflection in the glass display case.

“No. Cakes…”

“I’ll stop by Nada’s Dress Shoppe after work. Everything there costs the earth, so I can’t afford to buy anything, but I’ll get some ideas on how to accessorize my dress.”

Marjorie iced the cakes.

How do you like Violet's dress?  It's made of sand-washed silk crepe de chine fabric and has a ruffle V neck with crochet trim.  It has an elastic empire waist and the straps cross in the back.  Don't you love the shoes she found to wear with it?  Snakeskin.  The dress is by Hale Bob and can be bought for $188.

A New Dream which can be purchased at got a new review from One Hundred Romances.  They said,
"I absolutely loved this story as I could relate to the main characters. I immediately fell in love with both Matt and Violet. Their personalities worked well with each other. You can feel yourself rooting for the characters and their love for each other. The author does an excellent job with them and the research is outstanding."  


Mona Risk said...

Hi Elaine, like you I always dress my characters. I believe the clothes indicate the characters and match the situation. Also it's easier for the reader to visualize the heroine or hero. Lovely dress by the way.

Teresa K. said...

Hi Elaine,

Being that Violet is a lot longer I think the dress is just superb for her.

However I tend to be more formal when I go to weddings, but I'm also in my forties. I like elegance and style.

The fashion style you picked out for your heroine is the baum. You did good lady.

Teresa K.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Mona and Teresa, thank you for stopping by. I wish I had asked the readers to email me a picture of what they'd have Violet wear.

Jean said...

If Violet's going to dress like that, Matt will NOT be able to keep hands off. That dress is hot!! Love it Elaine and loved the book, too.

Marianne Stephens said...

Now if only I could wear something like that, but being "old" my body wouldn't "fit" properly! Sexy look, for sure!
Pretty dress.