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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome to Sweet Saturday Sample.  My name is Matt McCallum.  Elaine told my and my wife's story in her book A New Dream.  Violet isn't here today.  She's doing some Christmas shopping, so I've picked an excerpt from A New Dream to share with you.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you do, you can buy it at   or at

Here's a blurb and excerpt for you.

After an accident destroys his pro-football career, Matt McCallum struggles to find a new dream for his life.  Nothing engages him until he meets Violet Emerson who has big dreams of her own.  Together they find a common dream for their lives, but will a loose end from Matt’s past destroy their future before it even begins? 

Excerpt: Sometimes one family member's tragedy can hurt an entire family.  In this excerpt, you can see how my accident affected my mother.

Marilyn laughed when she saw Matt’s stained shirt. “What happened to you?”
“Bakery accident.” Matt set the cake on the table, relieved to have it safely delivered.
“Ha! You dropped my cake, didn’t you?” Chris snickered as he inspected the wrapped packages stacked on the kitchen table.
“No, I didn’t. The girl who got it out of the refrigerator tripped and fell against me.”
“She just wanted to feel your muscular chest,” Chris teased. “How old is she, Matt?”
“Around my age.”
“Uh huh. He’d like to feel her chest, too.”

Matt’s arm shot out, and he grabbed Chris. The two of them began a mild scuffle that ended with Marilyn’s sharp reprimand.

“Stop it this instant! Chris, you could hurt him.”

Animation drained from Matt’s face as he released his hold on his brother. “I’m sorry I scared you, Mother.”

Chris’s face turned a fiery shade of red. “Are you going to treat him like an invalid forever? He isn’t going to break!”

He spun on his heel and rushed from the room leaving Marilyn and Matt staring at each other in an uncomfortable silence.

Matt took a tight rein on his emotions and changed the subject. He plain didn’t want to get into it. “Is it okay if I invited somebody to the party?”

“Of course,” Marilyn answered, her tone far too bright and cheerful. “Any friend of yours is welcome.”

“I’d better go change.”

Matt looked back over his shoulder as he left the kitchen and saw his mother sitting at the table with her head in her hands.


Sandra Nachlinger said...

I really enjoyed your post. Lots of tension between Matt and Chris, with their mom in the middle.

Sherry Gloag said...

Terrific build up up tensions beween the three of them.. She means well but oh dear...
Have a great holiday.

diannehartsock said...

I feel so bad for Matt. It sounds like he wants to be treated like everyone else. I need to know more about these two brothers.

Happy Holidays!