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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fashionista Friday

Welcome to Elaine's blog!  My name is Violet McCallum.  Elaine told my and my husband's story in her novel A New Dream.  We persuaded Elaine to let us take over her blog during the month of December, so today's my first Fashionista Friday post. 

What I'd like to know is this: what's with all the talk about ugly sweaters?  I like Christmas sweaters myself.

No wonder.  You look great in them, honey.

Oh, Matt!  That's so sweet.  I've been looking for Christmas sweaters that I think everyone would enjoy, and I've found that are adorable.

Okay, let's see some of them.

You got it!  Here's my first choice.  What do you think of this?  It's oatmeal colored and has raglan sleeves and a rolled neckline.  And I love the reindeer on the front.  It's from Coldwater Creek and costs from $79.95-$89.95

I like it, baby.  What else have you found?

Oh, you'll like this next one, Matt.  It's from Orvis, and it has a pretty wreath on the front of it. 

 (Matt touches the sweater.)  It sure is soft.  Do you have anything else to show us, Violet?

(Violet nods.)  This is the best one of all.  The zebra print combines with the traditional poinsettia to create a perfect blend of old and new.  You can get it at Dillards for $99.00

I like it.  So, Violet, which one did you pick for yourself?

Oh, the last one.  I'm going to wear it to your office party.

(Matt laughs.)  The way you'll look in that sweater will probably set a new trend.

We'll see.  Readers, drop by tomorrow to read an excerpt from Elaine's work during Sweet Saturday Sample. 

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