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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beyond the Book: What's Wrong With This Picture?

Don’t you just love a wedding? It makes me so happy to see a young couple starting their life together. Yeah, I usually cry, but it’s only tears of joy. I thought that since June, the traditional month of weddings will soon be here, I’d share a little bit about my characters’ weddings.  Why don’t we begin with Kara Cochrane and Ross Williams from Her Kind of Man. Her Kind of Man is currently number 6 in romance and number 22 overall at Fictionwise.  I’m still swooning about that. If you'd like to have a copy you can get it at

If you’re read the book you know that Kara had two wedding dresses. She destroyed her first dress after sister stole her fiancĂ©. Then, when she got engaged to Ross she bought a second dress. Here’s the first dress. As Kara said, it has all the lace, sequins, and pearls that a girl could want. You can buy it at

  This is Kara’s second dress. It’s a lot simpler than the first one. Kara’s mother liked it a lot better than the first dress. You can buy it at

Kara’s only bridesmaid wore purple. Do you like it? Kara doesn’t. She hates purple, but Sue wanted to wear the dress she wore in her cousin’s wedding. Actually, Kara doesn’t like her own dress either. So, what’s up with this wedding? Something sounds strange here. (You’d better believe it!)

And last but not least, here’s the cake. Kara did admit to liking the cake.

The excerpt below takes place at the wedding. Justin is Ross’s nephew who's six years old.

The photographer stood poised beside the cake waiting to take a picture, so Ross and Kara followed Martha to the table. Hmm. The cake had turned out better than she expected. The white columns between the layers gave the cake a classical air which offset the vivid purple flowers scattered among the columns. Kara picked up the pearl-handled, silver knife Annie had provided, but before Ross could put his hand on top of hers to help her with the first cut, Justin charged across the floor and dived under the table. The table collapsed, smashing and scattering a huge stack of glass plates and dumping the cake down the front of Kara’s dress. Pandemonium reigned as Justin howled and squalled. Sue hauled him out from under the table and smacked his bottom. “I told you not to run indoors. Look what you’ve done.” The barrage of noise increased, so Bobby picked Justin up and carried him outside.

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