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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashionista Friday: White Always Works For Me

How’s the weather where you live? In South Carolina it’s already hot. People have pulled out their shorts, capris, and tank tops. One of the staples in my summer wardrobe is a pair of white capris. For one thing, they looks cool as in weather cool. For another, they matche almost everything. If you need a new pair, you might try Belk’s. This Kim Rogers Shannon capri is one of their best sellers. It should be. Not only is it on sale for $19.99, but it also has lycra in it, and it’s generously sized through the hips and thighs. (If I have to explain why that’s a good thing I’ll cry.) Buy it at

Now what shall we wear with it?  How about this Rafaella top? It’s lightweight and the color screams summer. I like the ribbon belt and the hemline too. Notice how it’s longer in the back and front than it is on the side? It’s on sale too for $44.99.  Buy it at

If you want to be a little more casual, may I suggest this little cap sleeve with silver beading and crochet trim? This would look super cute with jeans too.  It’s $41.65 at


Sandy Nachlinger said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white pants and the tops you've chosen to go along with them. Here in the Pacific Northwest I've already seen people wearing shorts and sandals, though the temperature has just barely passed 70! I'll be getting out my white jeans and painting my toenails soon.

Elaine cantrell said...

I spent a week in Seattle a few years ago and loved it. It was in early June. I didn't wear a single pair of shorts the entire time, but I loved the area. And you really can't beat white capris for summer.

Tara Fox Hall said...

I nominate you as a Beautiful (and Fashionable!) Blogger, Elaine :)