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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beyond the Book: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Welcome to Beyond the Book.  My name is Prince Alan.  I was Madame Cantrell's hero in her wonderful novel The Enchanted.  It will come as no surprise that Madame has again been the recipient of a great honor.  Last week her local library begged that she sign books for them, and this week she received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  One of the requirements of the award is that she must reveal seven random things about herself.  As Madame is a bit shy, I have asked for the privilege of deciding what to post.  Naturally, this gracious lady agreed, so here are the things which I myself know about Madame.

1.She is exceedingly passionate about animals.  Her white dog Rascal will not eat unless she warms his dog food and sprinkles it with cheese.  Mayhap he is a little spoiled.

2.Madame is no good at cards.  I personally can vouch for this.

3.Madame loves turquoise.  She is starting a bathroom redo and plans to paint the walls turquoise.  In her honor the king has decreed that all of the castle bathrooms will be painted turquoise as well.

4.I have not asked Madame if chocolate is her favorite food, but one can scarcely help noticing her extraordinary fondness for it.

5.It should also be said that she knows a great deal about WWE Wrestling.  Her grandson is a fan of this spectacle and talks Madame's ear off about it.  According to the boy, John Cena is a great man.

6.Madame likes reality TV even though her husband loathes it.  Deadliest Catch, Hoarders, and Love it or List It are her favorites. 

7.Madame believes that an evil enchanter may have cursed her washing machine.  It is what she calls a front loader, but she says it does not get the clothes clean.  This I overheard her discussing with the servants at the castle.

Since I am already here, I will post Madame's video for your enjoyment.  Farewell.

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