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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beyond the Book: Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

Hi. My name is Andy Bryce, and I was Elaine’s hero in Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. Are any of you in law enforcement? If so, you probably already know a lot about the US Marshals, but if not, you’re probably thinking of marshals like you saw in old TV westerns. In fact, the US Marshal’s Service is the nation’s oldest and most versatile law enforcement service. They were established in 1789, and since that time they’ve been involved with virtually every federal law enforcement imitative. At present there are about 4800 deputy marshals and career employees.  

Okay, so what does a marshal do? First, they protect judges and courthouses. Second, they apprehend fugitives. Third, they transport prisoners, and lastly they’re involved in witness protection, asset forfeiture, and operations support of various types.

I’m a US Marshal myself. I was on vacation when my brother twisted my arm to get me to take his place in a charity game, but I never figured on getting a partner like Liesel Wolf. She was beautiful, abrasive, and had secrets that floored me once they came to light.

Here’s an excerpt from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. The ‘he’ in the excerpt is me.

He paused as he reached for her hand. He had often heard the old, overworked phrase, ‘she looks like an angel’, but Liesel really did. Her hair fanned across the pillow in a redgold flame that accented her smooth, creamy complexion. Her thick, lush eyelashes looked too pretty to be real. They made him long for her to open her eyes, just so he could see how they’d look in the morning while she was still vulnerable from sleep, before she’d had a chance to don the prickly armor that irritated him so much.

Involuntarily, he reached for her, but he jerked his hand back as though she had hissed at him. Being beautiful did not change her character. She had married a monster. Who knew what bad habits she had picked up from him? Hadn’t he taken a gun away from her two days ago?

If you like the sound of the book, it's available on Amazon, B&N, and most other online outlets.

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