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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

Welcome to Snippet Sunday. My snippet today is from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. In this snippet my heroine is on the run, and my hero has tracked her to the Atlanta airport. Andy speaks first.

“It was surprisingly easy to find you.”

“I’m sorry, but you seem to have made a mistake. My name
is Leslie Cochran.”

For a moment she saw doubt in his eyes, but only for a
moment. “Your disguise is very good. You almost got away with it.
Now come with me quietly, or I’ll handcuff you and drag you out
of here.”

Liesel did neither. Instead, she screamed at the top of her
lungs. “Help! Help me, someone! Help!”


Liesel Wolf has a secret, a dangerous secret she’ll go to any lengths to conceal. When she’s paired in a charity game with sexy marshal Andy Bryce, a man with secrets of his own, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down, and Liesel’s on a collision course with her past.

The book is available at Amazon, B&N, and most other retail outlets. 

If you'd like more from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf, scroll down to yesterday's post.


P.T.Wyant said...

It will be interesting to see if anyone responds to her shouting.

SherryGLoag said...

Oh boy, I just love her reaction. I wonder how he's going to counter that? ;-0

Linda said...

That's an interesting way of going out of the situation.

Gem Sivad said...

Ok. Just went on my TB list!

Sarah W said...

That's a surprisingly simple and effective method of getting away---he won't be expecting her to want to attract MORE attention.

Great snippet, Elaine!

Veronica Scott said...

Unexpected reaction, which makes it terrific and fun! Can't wait to read more, great snippet!

Teresa Cypher said...

Nice! I didn't expect that, Elaine. But, good thinking on her part! ;-)

Karen Bynum said...

Love that title! Can't wait to see what he does now. Great 8.