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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

Today's Sunday Snippet comes from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. In this snippet, my hero thinks about my heroine's ex-husband who is definitely not a nice man.

A chill seized him. If William was anything at all like the law
enforcement community believed him to be, he was a dangerous
man. A man even his father would not want to alienate. So why
would Joseph have helped Liesel? She was only a daughter-­in-­law.

An obvious answer occurred to him. Maybe Liesel had
blackmailed Joseph into helping her with the divorce. She must
have, because nothing else made sense

He wished he knew why she left William in the first place.
She had intimated that she feared him, but why?


Liesel Wolf has a secret, a dangerous secret she’ll go to any lengths to conceal.  When she’s paired in a charity game with sexy marshal Andy Bryce, a man with secrets of his own, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down, and Liesel’s on a collision course with her past.

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Siobhan Muir said...

Wow, William has me worried. Good snippet, Elaine. :)

Linda said...

Just fear sounds like a good reason enough to me.

Sarah W said...

I wonder if her father-in-law was afraid for her, too?

Though the blackmail theory sounds interesting, too!

P.T.Wyant said...

Oooohhh! So many possibilities!

SherryGLoag said...

You certainly know how to catch this reader's attention :-)

Teresa Cypher said...

It's a deep and dark subject. I like that you're tackling it in this book, Elaine. Your MC is a brave soul for leaving such a man behind. Many don't, and many who try pay dearly for it.

Good 8-- a great mystery being mulled over. :-)

Veronica Scott said...

Interesting snippet, leaves me pondering all these things and I don't even *know* these people. Um characters LOL. Terrific snippet!

Sue Ann Bowling said...

I find myself wondering if "wolf" means something other than a last name.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Interesting snippet! What possibilities!

sue said...

did you think I forgot you this week? no lol just too busy. You do raise many questions that need answers