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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashionista Friday: Pick a Dress

Kathryn and Hank, my hero and heroine from Blue 52 are going on a date. They'll eat at a trendy, popular pizza place, and then they'll stroll down River Walk, window shopping and looking at the falls which are near the pizza place. What do you think Kathryn should wear? Vote for dress one-the red dress with the blue belt and pattern. Dress two the stripped dress in the middle, or dress three the red print. Just leave your choice in the comments section, and, I'll choose someone to get a free copy of Blue 52. I really think you'll like Hank and Kathryn. I'd go with the stripe myself. I think it would look pretty with white, flat sandals and a white bag.

Down the River Walk


Aramis Schroeder said...

striped dress

Heare2Watts said...

I like the red one the MOST, but actually I like all of them. The striped one you have to be thin or it makes you look larger. First one messes with your eyes. But the red is cute and has a nice flair to it!

Anonymous said...

Red dress for me!


Jessica Watts said...

I like the striped dress personally.