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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Genre Specific Review Group Blog Hop: Comfort

Please scroll down to see my guest's post after you finish here. The book looks fabulous.

My Grandpa David died in 2002. Until then, my family always had a Sunday dinner. We would all get together and eat a huge meal. We were talking last week about how much we missed this week we revived the tradition after a ten year absence. Fried chicken, green beans, macaroni, rice, biscuits and chocolate cake. The stenciling above my Mom's back door reads "Happy Is the hour that brings us home." Yes indeed.

Welcome to the Goodreads Genre Specific Review Group's September Blog Tour. I'm Elaine Cantrell, today's hostess, and the picture shows my dining room. The young man who wrote the above quote is my son Steve who's seated on the left in a blue shirt.

Our September theme is 'comfort', and let me tell you I thought long and hard about this post. I looked at pretty autumn leaves, went through all my books, and wasted lots of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration, and ultimately, I didn't use any of those sources. I didn't need them because to me, my family is my biggest source of comfort. All the special and wonderful times of my life revolve around those whom I love. I'm so lucky and blessed that all of them live close to me. That's rare in the modern world.  Here's a picture of our annual family picnic. One year we saw an albino squirrel. That's my son and daughter-in-law playing.

In my new release Rest Thy Head, my heroine Peyton expresses how she feels about the man she loves, and it sounds very much like comfort to me. Rest Thy Head released today. Check back next Tuesday for a release party, and join me on Facebook this Thursday at 7:00 pm EST for a Facebook Party. 

She moved closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder.
“Touching you feels like coming home to a house filled with love
after you’ve had a hard day. It makes me feel safe, like the Mrs.
Haynes of the world can’t hurt me because you won’t let them.”
She gently stroked his face. “I don’t see scars either. I see a man
with more sex appeal than the law should allow.” Her arms
sneaked around his waist. “I want you so much in so many ways.”

Rest Thy Head is an Astraea Press release and can be purchased at most online retail outlets. 

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