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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Beyond the Book: Okay Let's Brag

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Book. My name is Peyton O'Malley, and I was the heroine in Elaine's novel Rest Thy Head. Elaine won't brag on herself so I've decided to do it for her. The reviews for Rest Thy Head are awesome so I've decided to post a few snippets for you. Oh, and the lowest rating she has is 4 stars. I tell you, this book's a winner.

Elaine Cantrell's "Rest Thy Head" is another great step forward for this author. Combining elements of romance and the supernatural, this book is a great read with well-developed characters and a satisfying plot. Well done.

The characters are endearing and real; I felt like I could almost reach out and touch them. 

I read the last word in this book and my first thought was, "Oh my gosh!" 

Elaine Cantrell is a masterful story teller that captures your attention from her first page and doesn't let you go until the end!

I loved the mystery and suspense in the story, and not everyone is really who they seem to be. 

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