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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Found, Near Water

Found, Near Water
by Katherine Hayton



Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma into a mother’s nightmare. Her daughter’s is missing – lost for four days – but no one has noticed; no one has complained; no one has been searching.

 As the victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter’s disappearance.

 A task made harder by an ex-husband desperate for control; a paedophile on early-release in the community; and a psychic who knows more than seems possible.

 And intertwined throughout, the stories of six women; six daughters lost.


I set out the chairs in a circle. In my head I counted off each person as I placed their seat. Terry, dead daughter; Ilene, missing daughter; Kendra, missing daughter; Joanne, sick daughter; Christine, dead daughter. That last one is me, by the way.

There used to be a need for more chairs. I had quite the group running at one stage. Not now. We’ve dwindled and whittled our way to a close knit bunch. Like a knitting circle with barbed tongues driving all the young and optimistic members away.

I remember when I was talked into setting up this group. I was whining away to an old colleague one day and she mentioned that I may be helped by a support group. A support group! I “reminded” her that I was a fully qualified psychiatrist who had once had a roaring career until I realised how futile the entire field was. I wasn’t someone who attended a support group. I was the one to run it.

Famous last words.

There was a crunch of gravel outside and I walked to the window to have a nosey. Not one of mine. An elderly gent made slow progress towards the temporary library. He swayed so deeply from foot to foot he looked like a Weeble in full wobble.

I laid out a half packet of stale gingernuts which had mysteriously survived in our pantry and hoped that no one was feeling too hungry.

Katherine Hayton is a 41 year old woman who works in insurance, doesn't have children or pets, can't drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides two minutes’ walk from where she was born.

 For some reason she's developed a rich fantasy life.

 Buy her book and she'll be able to retire in luxury. Or in comfort. Or in just-scraping-by-but-at-least-I'm-not-in-the-office-24-7-ness.

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Katherine Hayton said...

Hi Elaine, thanks very much for hosting me today. I look forward to any comments from your readers. Cheers.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Liked the excerpt!

Yolanda G said...

Oops it posted me as anonymous!
Liked the excert!
Yolanda Gamble

Elaine Cantrell said...

You're welcome, Katherine. Your book sounds really good.

Anonymous said...

Fun excerpt and author bio!

Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

petoskystone said...

"Weeble in full wobble" is excellent :) Got me hooked.

Cathy Lee said...

I'm also a Catherine (just spelled differently). kids, no pets, you don't drive, and you live that close to where you were born?? That seems SOOOO weird to me. I can't even imagine it. I hope it's an absolutely wonderful, fascinating place. Sometimes, I worry that my neighbors are too much into my business. For you, it must be CRAZY. Everyone must feel like they have raised you! LOL.

bn100 said...

Interesting book info