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Friday, December 12, 2014

Saturday Sample

Today's sample comes from Her Kind of Man. In this excerpt, my hero Ross has just asked my heroine Kara for a date in front of her sister and former fiance. The sister stole the fiance.

Kara laid her head against the headrest and turned the car's air conditioning vents until the icy coolness pelted her flushed face.

"Ross Williams asked me out on a date," she muttered. Okay, she should have turned him down. Brandon and Kelly's betrayal still hurt too much for her to even consider starting a new relationship. So, why did she do it? Hmm... A part of her wanted to make Brandon jealous. She'd show him she wasn't some pathetic loser. Still, she'd rather have faced a room full of serial killers than to have confronted those two vipers. How dare Kelly have spoken to her! Yep, no doubt about it. Ross's invitation was heaven-sent.

Kara fastened her seatbelt and looked around before backing out of the parking spot. Ross looked like a romance novel cover model, and he'd always been sweet on her. Maybe she'd enjoy having dinner with him.

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