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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Sample

During the month of December my characters always take over my blog. Let's see what they're up to.

Nikki: (The Best Selling Toy Of The Season) Welcome to Elaine's blog. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. 

Prince Alan: (The Enchanted) Indeed. In my father's kingdom we feasted to excess. I still feel poorly.

Elizabeth: (Return Engagement) I know what you mean. I skipped breakfast this morning, but a nice excerpt will make us feel better.

Nikki: Why not just direct readers to the short story Elaine wrote?

Elizabeth: Good idea. Readers, scroll down to Thursday's post. Elaine says she can't write short stories, but she wrote this one as a gift for her readers.

Prince Alan: I am sure everyone will enjoy it.

Elizabeth: I hope so. Readers, scroll on down, and I hope you enjoy the story.

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