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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beyond the Book: Goals and Wishes

Well, we're almost one week into 2015, and it's only now that I have a minute to slow down and think about the coming year. As you may have guessed, we had a very busy holiday season. I know it's the custom for people to make New Year's resolutions, but I've figured out how useless that really is for me. No, I'm not making resolutions; let's call them goals or even wishes because I don't think that has the connotation of resolutions. So in 2015, here's what I hope to do.

1.Submit the completed manuscript of Flood to my publisher. It turned out well, but because of the holiday season I've been dragging my feet on it.

2.Finish my current, untitled manuscript and submit it as well.

3.Stay on my low carb diet in order to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

4.Begin a redecorating project or two at my house. Specifically, I want to do something about my kitchen cabinets and countertop. Then I want to overhaul the study.

5.I'm retiring from my teaching job this year, so I need to explore options for my retirement.

There are probably some more things I need to work on, but I think this is plenty. What about you? Do you have any goals or wishes for 2015?

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