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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beyond the Book: Cowgirl Duds

Welcome to Beyond the Book. For the past few weeks we've been talking about cowgirls, and today we're checking out some cowgirl clothes. A girl has to look the part, right? First of all, we need some boots. I love this pair. Our fashion conscious cowgirl will notice the cheetah print on the leather, and I love the turquoise inlays. You can get these nice boots at

A girl has to have a purse too so how do you like this one? I adore the tribal print.

A girl needs a hat too. This one looks purely decorative to me, and I like it.

There are lots more wonderful cowgirl clothes out there, but I guess this is enough for today. Have you guessed yet that I have a turquoise fetish?

This series on cowgirls is in honor of my Rest Thy Head heroine Peyton O'Malley who moved to Rest Thy Head and learned to ride, explore caves, track wild horses, and fall in love with a hot cowboy.

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