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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Congratulations to Jennifer Gravely. Her new adult book Drown won the reader's crown in mainstream fiction from Romcon. Here's the beginning of the book.

June 1988
Into the wide, wide world.

Like a soldier at attention, the air stood motionless, awaiting the orders of the sky.

I uncurled my legs and climbed from the black car. Out of habit I pushed my hair from my forehead, thankful I had piled the curly, blonde mess on the top of my head that morning with the expectation of much needed thunderstorms. 

My hand slid down my pale green sundress as I straightened and lengthend the clingy cotton cloth to my knees. First impressions were important, and I wanted to present a picture of respectability and professionalism. 

The glare from the cars parked along main street intensified the afternoon light despite the pollen that clung to their hoods. I shaded my eyes with my hand as I marched to the real estate office at the corner.

A bell tinkled against a glass door. A gray-headed lady with a round face sat behind a high counter. She closed the magazine in front of her. "Yes, dear?"

"I'm Andi Drown from Keowee High," I said. "My government teacher arranged for me to volunteer during the upcoming election."

The lady stood and I noted that the bold colors of her floral print dress accentuated her hips in a less than flattering way.

"Mr. Richland is expecting you. This way."

I followed the woman as she waddled down the hall. She entered a room to the left and flourished her hands toward two rectangular wooden tables. A pile of papers and envelopes covered one. She cleared her throat sounding like a goose.

"He'll be right here." Despite the hum from the window unit, beads of perspiration dotted her hairline.

"Thank you," I said, and watched her leave.

I inspected the room. Although blinds covered the windows, the afternoon light still checkered the opposite wall. Framed black and white pictures reminded me of all the trail hikes I took when I was younger.

"Hello, I'm Keith Richland."

Readers, I've read this book, and all I can say is, from this point on, Andi's day is worse than she ever imagined it could be. Some of her ideals will take a hit too. If you'd like to give the book a try, you can get it at

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