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Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday Sample

Welcome to Saturday Sample. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from the book I'm in the process of editing. It's tentatively titled The Captain and the Cheerleader. The excerpt is from the first chapter, and it pretty much explains what the book is about.

Susan finished her soft drink and tossed the can into a nearby recycling bin. “I could make Kurt ask me out if I wanted to.”
“Yeah? Prove it. Get him to ask you out. I’ll bet you fifty dollars you can’t do it,” Robin taunted. “All he’s interested in is football.”
Melissa Taylor, Susan’s best friend, cleared her throat. “How long does she have?”  
“Two weeks ought to be enough for an old pro like Susan.” Robin snickered as her gaze swept around the lounge. “Would the rest of you like to get a piece of the action?”
All at once a carnival atmosphere permeated the room. They chose Don Brooks who taught art to keep track of the bets, and everyone hurried to put money on his or her favorite.
From the corner of her eye, Susan watched as Robin smirked at everyone in the room. Why did Mr. Dennis hire such an undisciplined, annoying child? It would be a pleasure to give her her comeuppance.
Don recorded the last bet on a sheet of copier paper. “It’s about fifty-fifty. Sorry, Robin, but I’m putting my money on Susan. When she enters a room, men sit up and take notice.”  

Melissa, who stood near the door, wildly waved her hand to get their attention. “Here comes Kurt now,” she hissed.

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